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The Aviation Broker of your sale or lease deal

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MOSKAN: The Aviation Broker of your sale or lease deal

MOSKAN provides aircraft and engine brokerage services to companies and individuals who want to buy, sell or lease airplanes and/or engines.

We assist our clients from the first conversation until the final documents are signed and the sale, purchase or lease transaction is successfully concluded. We deal as aircraft brokers for companies and individuals.

As aircraft brokers we understand the international marketplace and every complex detail involved in buying, selling or leasing an aircraft and/or an engine.

Our background is also liaised with a long and successful knowledge, experience and expertise in brokerage in the real estate, land and construction.

We have all the means to match buyer with seller, seller with buyer, lessee with lessor and lessor with lessee.

MOSKAN comprises of aviation independent and objective consultants with high principles and who are recognized for thought leadership and innovative solution development. As a trustworthy aircraft broker, MOSKAN provides a high level of brokerage services in the aviation that meet every client’s needs. We are building and expanding a worldwide network of contacts and databases which will serve to our deals to the maximum extent.

Our fee or commission terms are agreed in advance upon the engagement. A non-refundable administration fee is paid upon engagement. No other payments are due until the purchase, sale or lease is completed.