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The Aviation Broker of your sale or lease deal

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Aviation Sales & Purchase

If you are looking to buy an aircraft or engine we will carry out a global search to find the best possible aircraft or engine available in order to buy an aircraft that best suits your requirements and budget, at the best price possible.We will assist you in setting right price following research that can be done on line, while we can also analyze buying strategies and key tips to choose an aircraft that best suits your needs.


As aircraft brokers we are able and we have the adequate experience to assist you with a successful deal for an aircraft or engine purchase or sale. With an extended database with lessors, MROs and airlines, we can provide you with the best values in today’s market. MOSKAN specializes in broker deals for an aircraft or engine purchase or sale of every type such as jet or helicopter.

Contracting & Due Diligence

We will take care of all the contract negotiations and the closing of the transaction, as well as all the necessary documentation. We also offer aircraft trades. Please get in touch for more information about our aircraft trades services.